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The Florida Rural Water Association (FRWA) is an approved provider of Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for renewal of water and wastewater treatment plant operatorsí licenses through the DEP Operator Certification Program.  FRWA provides both water and wastewater training throughout the state to provide operators an opportunity to get renewal credits.  Some sessions, like safety, pumps, motors, etc. may count for either water or wastewater renewal credit, but cannot be counted as both.

Each certified operator is required to obtain CEUs to maintain their license; one hour of training equals 0.1 CEU.  The table below illustrates the requirements for each license.  Please note that if you are a dual certified A or B operator, you will need only 1.5 CEUs for your water license and 1.5 CEUs for your wastewater license, as compared to the 2.0 required for single license holders.




WATER CEUs .5 1.0 2.0 2.0 1.5
WASTEWATER CEUs .5 1.0 2.0 2.0 1.5



3 2 1  


FRWA has made some important rules and changes within our training programs to assure that we continue to offer quality training, can accommodate those needing CEUs, and assure a continuing, accredited program.  For example, we have to charge a small administrative fee to those attending the sessions needing CEUs to assure the Association has the resources to develop, store, and provide information and records to DEP in electronic format, as required.  We also have a multi-part CEU form to be filled out with most parts returned to FRWA.  Also, we have new rules, such as no partial CEUs for partial attendance and advanced sign-up to assure that we have adequate space and resources to hold the sessions.  We hate to have to adopt rules, but must adopt and adhere to them to assure that we do not lose approved provider status and all of your acquired CEUs remain approved toward license renewal.


The other approved providers in Florida are the Florida Section of the American Water Works Association (FSAWWA), Florida Water Environments Association (FWEA), Florida Water and Pollution Control Operators Association (FWPCOA) and the University of Florida TREEO Center.  For your convenience, you may access the training that they have available by clicking on their button below.


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