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2014 Time Off Calendar
Time off as approved by your Supervisor and FRWA Holidays.
Staff List
A list of Employees of FRWA and their contact information.  This information is for Employees only.
Current Membership List (Excel)/Current Membership List (PDF)
A list of all current members of FRWA.  Updated 05.01.14
Current Members Printable (Excel)/Current Members Printable (PDF)
A printable Membership List for your convenience.  Updated 05.01.14
Membership Retention Info (Excel)/Membership Retention Info (PDF)
A list of Membership Areas and all of their information.  05.01.14
Membership Retention Printable (Excel)/Membership Retention Printable (PDF)
A printable list of Membership Areas for your convenience. 05.01.14
Retention Not Contacted (Excel)/Retention Not Contacted(PDF)
A printable list of Membership Areas for your convenience. 05.01.14
Membership Retention Map
The current map of Membership Retention Areas
Contacts Taken From Logs/Contacts Taken From Logs PDF
A list of all contacts submitted by staff received at the end of the month proceeding 05.31.14,
with or without FRWA IDs, within the current Retention Period.
Membership Retention Form
A form that you can use to submit to Becky for Membership Calls in your area that are not recorded
NRWA Ford Promo for Employees of FRWA
WHP/SWP Plans Completed Excel/WHP/SWP Plans Completed PDF
A list of Wellhead and Sourcewater Plans
SWP Completed Excel/SWP Completed PDF
A list of Sourcewater Plans completed
SWP Status
SWP Map by Plan Name
Directions to Cairo Warehouse
You may open Office 2007 and 2010 documents with Office 2000 by installing a patch on your computer at the link below.
FRWA Water and Wastewater Rates
Valve Exerciser Agreement and Instructions