2022 FRWA Annual Conference Presentations


Drinking Water Track

Impact of Customer Water Leaks and the Solutions in the Marketplace

Future Well Locations and Tools Used to Determine

Source Water/Groundwater Protection

Wellhead Sanitation

Drinking Water/Wastewater Track

Trench Safety

Buy American/Build American

Mitigation/Elevating/Hardening Critical Assets

Energy Efficiency/Information Needed to Lower Demand

Management/Finance Track

Project Inspections

Characteristices of High Functioning Boards

Wastewater Track

Inflow and Infiltration

Filling Out the DMR Correctly

O&M and WWTP Nitrification

OEP Control for Nutrient Reduction


Drinking Water Track

Managing PFAs in Rural Communities

Drinking Water/Wastewater Track

Maintenance and Reliability Best Practices

Management/Finance Track

Understanding Your Role as a Board or Council Member

Fraud Trends

SRF Funding/Assistance to get Projects Submitted


Wastewater Alternative Study

Bio Fermentation and It's History


Drinking Water Track

Water Tank Mixing/Preventing Stratification and Reducing Disinfection Byproducts


Lead and Copper in Schools

Drinking Water/Wastewater Track

Cyber Security

Utility Management Course

Utility Master Planning

Management/Finance Track

HR/Workforce/Hiring/Keeping Good Employees

How to Increase Revenue Without Raising Rates

Impact Fees

Wastewater Track

Covid Tracing in Wastewater

Instrumentation for Wastewater

Sand and Grit Issues and Removal from the Plant, Lift Stations, and Collections System