Capacity Analysis Reports Requirements

Water systems approaching total permitted capacity are now required by FDEP to submit Capacity Analysis Reports signed and sealed by a professional engineer. Click on the buttons below for more information:

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FDEP Rule 62-555.348 requires an initial Capacity Analysis Report (CAR) to be submitted

  • within 6 months after the total maximum-day of finished water produced by all the PWS’s treatment plant(s)
  • exceeds 75 percent of the total permitted maximum-day operating capacity of the plant(s).

FDEP is now amending the rule to require Capacity Analysis Reports from those CWSs serving or designed to serve more than 3,300 persons (instead of CWS serving >350 persons or 150 connections).

BENEFITS preparing a Capacity Analysis Report

  • Helps you stay ahead of growth,
  • Very effective management tool,
  • Helps you prioritize needs and supports your goals,
  • Systematic planning for expansions,
  • Financial document for defending funding strategies and rates adjustments.


“Guidelines for Preparation of Source/Treatment/Storage Capacity Analysis Reports for Public Water Systems.” can be downloaded from:

Capacity Analysis Report Assistance is a FRWA membership service for water systems in need, but water systems will be required to do their share of the work!

FRWA may receive more requests for this assistance than we are able to complete in a reasonable time. Therefore we will proceed with systems based on:

  • First come first served;
  • Readiness to proceed (completeness of data);
  • Need (economically challenged systems may be prioritized);
  • Cooperation and appreciation for services.

Capacity Analysis Report WORKSHEET

FRWA has prepared a data worksheet to assist water systems with their Capacity Analysis Reports. Click here for a copy of the worksheet. You may copy the worksheet and share it other members. It is intended for the benefit of FRWA members and for Circuit Riders use to assist FRWA members at NO CHARGE. We consider the Capacity Analysis Report Worksheet to be proprietary and the intellectual property of FRWA. We have no wish for other entities or consultants to use this document (or to copy the format) and charge water systems for this FREE SERVICE.


Water Systems will be asked to provide ALL the needed information on the worksheet and do a majority of the data gathering. Some of this information has already been gathered and summarized in reports (wellhead protection, rate studies, consultant reports, etc.)

  • This is a FRWA member service, but if a water system can afford to hire a consulting engineer they will be encouraged to do so.
  • The worksheet is designed to reduce the cost for a consultant to prepare the report and systems should be very proactive in keeping costs down. On a case-by-case basis, FRWA can provide expected ranges for having a consultant prepare a CAR.
  • We need complete information to complete the capacity analysis -- if a water system submits an incomplete worksheet, it will be returned for completion.
  • The FRWA Professional Engineer, Sterling Carroll is always happy and available to explain the CAR process and describe what type of information is acceptable and reasonable.
  • If systems don’t have the make, model and pump curves for wells or high service pumps they should be able produce them empirically using actual pressure and flow (much like a fire hydrant flow test).
  • Water Systems should be able to produce accurate process flow diagrams and add capacity information for each component.