Doing more with less is the reality for today's water and waste water utilities. Amid increasing regulations, increasing public expectations, and an ever-increasing list of emerging contaminants, public utilities are working to maintain their affordable services while protecting public health and the environment with very little financial wiggle room. To meet these challenges, the Florida Rural Water Association has partnered with Raftelis to offer the systems of Florida a free online tool called RevPlan.
RevPlan that is designed to enhance the asset and financial management for small water utilities.  The idea behind RevPlan is to provide an online tool for small water utilities to achieve financial resiliency and to maintain their utility assets for long-term sustainability. RevPlan will assist users in identifying the various utility funding requirements over a five-year planning window. These funding requirements include capital funding, operating costs, and debt repayment. RevPlan allows the user to identify any rate adjustments necessary to meet the utility funding requirements and the impact rate increases may have on ratepayers. Numerous Florida Rural Water Association members have used RevPlan for their utility financial planning and asset management integration.
RevPlan is easy to use, integrates with Diamond Maps, "feels" like Turbo Tax, and is financially feasible. RevPlan will help your system to:
  • Replace aging asset management financial planning software supplied by the EPA
  • Strengthen usage of web-based asset management mapping tool (Diamond Maps)
  • Increase engagement with member communities
  • Provide a reality check on the resources needed to maintain these small systems
  • Help communities to qualify for state revolving fund no interest loans
For more information, please click here for a brochure.  If you would like to view a presentation on the RevPlan with more information, click here.  For further information, you may email FRWA at or contact the FRWA office at 800.872.8207. 

We hope that you will take advantage of this no cost opportunity to enhance the financial management for your utility.