Capital Improvement Project Assistance

With interest rates at an all-time low, and reduced fuel, construction and material costs, now is a great time to accelerate those much-needed water utility construction projects!

We encourage you to take advantage of current market conditions and work with your governing bodies to invest in their local communities and help to expand, modernize, and improve existing facilities.

Please consider the items below that detail the benefits of acting now to present to your governing body.

  • Interest rates are at all-time lows• Interest rates are at all-time lows
  • More contractors available, increasing number of bids, which should lead to lower project costs
  • Currently, fuel cost is at its lowest point in years, thus lowering pipe-related costs
  • Material costs for projects are mostly down
  • Shipping costs for many projects have decreased
  • With many people working from home, road, water and construction projects are easier to schedule and will createless interference
  • Low construction costs and contractor availability won’t last forever

Interested in matching your project to other funding sources?  Contact us at for assistance as well as technical and engineering services for small water and wastewater utilities.