Drinking Water Services

Mission Statement

To provide technical assistance, training and professional advice to drinking water system owners, drinking water operators, distribution operators, and maintenance personnel so that they can make the best, most economical and environmentally sound decisions to maintain compliance with local, state and federal regulations and provide the best, most healthful drinking water to their customers. FRWA has ten professional water field personnel, called “Circuit Riders”, who assist water systems in every phase of operations, maintenance, and management. These professionals, located throughout the state, are available to assist your system, onsite, with water treatment, water distribution, water quality, and compliance concerns at no charge. 

Equipment is available to members on loan or through use by our “Circuit Riders” at no charge. In fact, membership money is used to purchase Association equipment for member use. Your membership dues are put to work for you! FRWA has hundreds of thousands of dollars of water-related technical assistance equipment available to you. Examples of some of the equipment are computerized and sonic leak detectors, plastic and metal line locators (ground penetrating radar), ultrasonic meter testers, generators, water treatment and distribution system testing equipment, etc

For a complete list of all of the drinking water services FRWA provides, click here. This document is subject to change. FRWA services and personnel will not likely be reduced but may be added to from time to time so the old version of services may not include all services. Keep watching this site for the latest list of services.

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