Member Benefits

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The Florida Rural Water Association’s goal is to provide assistance and improve professionalism in the water and wastewater industry state-wide. This is accomplished by providing technical assistance and training to members and non-members and working with the primacy agency to help systems return to compliance. We are inclusive by aiding systems small and large – with smaller systems remaining our primary focus.

We are always looking for ways to enhance services and provide “value-added” benefits. This last year we added the following:

  1. E-Posting Consumer Confidence Reports (CCRs). We are hosting Electronic Posting of CCRs on our website to any system and particularly for those too small to have their own website. E-posting is now allowed by EPA and is a response to rural water association and legislative efforts.
  2. Funders Meetings. We regularly coordinate and host meetings with state and federal funding agencies to identify utility construction projects that need funding and promote cooperation between agencies.
  3. E-logs. Our association provides a free electronic Water Distribution Log program – required by the Ground Water Rule and the State Primacy Agency.
  4. Mercury BMPs for Wastewater Systems. The primacy agency is promulgating a Mercury TMDL, we commented on the proposed TMDL, and provided a Best Management Practices template that was accepted by the agency for state-wide use.
  5. Public Service Commission Study Committee. We worked with the PSC, agency representatives, and stakeholders to provide relief to small systems and improve rules for sustainability.

Membership grows as a result of this inclusiveness and willingness to help those that need our services. When systems see the quality of our staff and the assistance provided, becoming active members is a natural response.

Member benefits also include:
  • Training discounts
  • Regulatory representation
  • Monitoring legislation at state and federal level
  • Promotion of funding for water and wastewater projects
  • Engineering support
  • Annual conference
  • Voting privilege at the annual membership meeting
  • Member of the National Rural Water Association
  • On-site assistance to your personnel at no charge
  • Water and wastewater rate structure development
  • Training sessions and manuals
  • Operator certification materials and review sessions
  • Wellhead protection plan development
  • Resource library available upon request (books; slide presentations; videos)
  • 800 telephone number
  • NRWA magazine
  • Quarterly newsletter
  • Insurance information
  • Access to $2.0 million in utility operations equipment.

As a member, you will be able to enjoy the full range of all the benefits that we have to offer. 

Click here for a membership brochure for a condensed version of membership benefits.