FRWA Media

Keeping up with the rapidly changing world of communications is a never ending process. In the last few years technology has taken the industry to places that were thought to be impossible. The Association strives to keep up with the latest in technology to keep our members informed of the latest information in the water and wastewater industry. Keeping systems informed whether through e-blasts, mass faxes, or snail mail is taken very seriously by the Association.


Our website contains over 70 publications pertinent to the water/wastewater industry. The Association’s current website is updated as information is received since we have an in-house webmaster. Through the website, the public has access to a host of information including the latest in training opportunities offered by the Association, legislative information pertinent to utilities, articles of interest to water and wastewater facilities, and technical information that relates to all aspects of the industry. 

Online Training

In cooperation with other State Rural Water Associations, FRWA developed an online program that allows us to offer access to twenty-seven online training courses. This service gives the operator an opportunity for remote training without taking vital time away from their utility.

Press Releases

The Association also utilizes our website to promote new technologies and inform our members of technological advances in the water and wastewater industry. We publish and post press releases that highlight industry successes and issues. Occasionally there are issues that arise that are of utmost importance to our constituents; when the need arises, we get the information out through e-blasts and mass faxes.

Training Agendas

Even though the Postal Service is not the fastest form of communication, it is still preferred by many. The Association mailed over 42,000 training agendas last year. Agendas are prepared in-house and are processed through Click2Mail, an online service which allows them to be mailed in two days at a reduced rate. Whatever the method, it must be working to get the information out, since the Association had over 3,300 attendees at our training sessions in the last year.

FRWA Magazine & Membership Directory

The Association’s quarterly magazine and annual Membership Directory are always popular with our over 1,900 members statewide. The information provided in these publications reflects the heart and soul of the Association while providing a wealth of information that is referenced over and over again.

Communicating with Members

With all of the new technology that is available to us, we still feel that the public responds best to personal contact, both on the phone and personal visits to each and every member at least once a year. Whatever the advancements in communication for the future, you will always have a pleasant voice to greet you and offer assistance when you call our office. Some things you just can’t improve on!