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The Florida Rural Water Association continues to work hard to help you keep your sources of water in good quality. The TAPP media campaign is one way to accomplish Source Water Protection. The “Think About Personal Pollution” (TAPP) campaign originated with the City of Tallahassee, and we (FRWA) are working to convey this message throughout the state. The TAPP campaign educates individuals about small personal changes in their home and yard practices that can help keep local lakes, streams, sinks and ultimately your drinking water clean. The campaign makes residents aware of their impact on water quality and encourages them to take action by adopting some slightly different approaches to things they do every day since “Every Drop You Lose Nature Finds”!

FRWA has developed numerous marketing templates that can be adapted by you for your media campaign. The templates consist of creative billboards, brochures, and television and radio commercials. They are available at no cost to you and can be edited to suit your needs. This campaign will raise questions (phone calls) on how and what practices can be made to reduce personal pollution. The campaign suggests that customers contact their local utility and gives you credit for the campaign.

You may access these templates by clicking on the links below:

Billboard Designs

The images below are not of the best quality, however they can be used as an example.

The billboards below are of better quality.


Television Promotions

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Radio Promotions

  • Baby Radio
  • Chalk Radio
  • Duck Radio
  • Window Radio

If you need any assistance with Source Water Protection implementation methods or the TAPP campaign please contact Florida Rural Water Association at 850-668-2746 (Tallahassee area) 800-872-8207 (toll free), or email Ben.Lewis@frwa.net.