Engineering Sub-Consultants

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FRWA has teamed up with professional engineers and grant writers who share our vision and mission to assist FRWA Members (water and wastewater systems). As a result FRWA can assist more of our members with critical services to help with compliance, planning, engineering, permitting, and funding projects.

Our goal is to be more responsive to our members around Florida with high quality, reasonable and practical solutions in a cost-effective manner. As we have always done, FRWA puts our member’s needs first. Already we assist hundreds of members each year, we now have the capacity to help more.

Feel free to contact any them directly or FRWA staff engineers – Jeffrey Lawson or Sterling Carroll.

This team of professional are either sole proprietors or small firms with considerable expertise, knowledge, and experience to serve water and wastewater systems.
Most of what we do is to provide compliance, operation, maintenance, management, potential compliance, health, and environmental issues – including permitting and design. All of this is a phone call or email away. Please use us, we’re here to help.

If it’s a regulatory compliance, permitting, or design issue, sometimes we can get some breathing space from FDEP until we can work on your project. This also gives them assurance that we are on your team -- but you have to call us first and we have had a chance to respond with an offer of engineering services!

Projects requiring the CCNA process are steered toward engineering consultants.

Professional Services Provided
Professional Organization Districts City
David Bolam
Tom Bryant
Mark Cadenhead
Andy Easton
Dale Long
Daniel Magro
Michael Murphy
​Phil Phillips
​Retired DEP Eng
Saltus Engineering, Inc.
Professional Engineer
Cadenhead Env
Andy Easton & Assoc.
Municipal Engr Ser Inc.
Aclus Engineering
Michael P. Murphy PE
​Municipal Engr Ser Inc
Professional Engineer
NE/ Central/SW*
All Florida
NW/Panhandle *
NW/Panhandle *
NE only
Orange Park
Ponte Vedra

[1] The Consultants Competitive Negotiation Act (CCNA) Title 19, Section 287.055, Florida Statutes requires a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) process when professional services exceeds certain threshold amounts: (1) for Planning / Study Activities the threshold amount is $35,000 [Category Two per 287.017]; and (2) for Professional Services (such as design) for projects in which the estimated construction cost does not exceed the threshold amount of $325,000 [Category Five per 287.017].