Drinking Water Equipment

Activity Chart Recorders
Advanced Drinking Water Laboratory
Backflow Test Kits
Basic Drinking Water Laboratory
Calibrated Thermometer
Chemical Feed Pumps
Chlorinator (Donated by Superior Water Solutions)  Chlorine Meters
Chlorine Repair Kits
Electric Meters (volt)
Electric Motors
Fuel Pumps and Tanks
Fire Hydrant Gauges
Four Leg Bridle
Generators (10-150 kw)
Generator Load Bank
GIS Software and Mapping Equipment
Global Positioning System (locates)
GPS Mapping Systems
Ground Penetrating Radar Units
Groundwater Model
Handheld Infrared Device
Hydrant Flowmeters
Hydrant Pressure and Flow Kits
Hydrant Pressure Relief Valve
Hydrogen Peroxide Test Kit
Large Meter Testers
Lead Test Kits
Leak Correlators
Leak Detectors
Line Tracers
Magnetic Locator
Meter Testers
Optical Range Finders
Portable Jar Mixer
Pressure Recorders
Pressure Relief Valves
Power Distribution Box
Rapid Deployment Repeater System
Regal Gas CL2
Satellite Phone
Semi Trailer
Small Meter Analyzer
Small Meter Tester
Solar Charging Kit
TTHM/TOC Test Kits
Thickness Gauges
Test Kits/Lab
Test Kits/Water Quality
Valve Exercisers
Valve Locators
Voltage Converter
Water Level Indicators
Weather Proof Recorders