This has been a very active year in terms of regulatory reform, both Nationally with EPA and State impacts through legislative activities.

FRWA’s leadership and efforts related to national issues include:
  1. We are the lead State Association in legislative and regulatory advocacy for the reform of the Consumer Confidence Reports (CCRs) delivery methods. Our state was the genesis of idea, legislative leadership, and issue sponsorship.
  2. FRWA was integral in the resolution of a state and national issue related to wastewater effluent disposal-nutrient reduction, which would have seriously burdened our industry.
  3. Our state association partnership with the US Chamber of Commerce to introduce national legislation that exposed environmental groups mode of operation to sue EPA and settle cases that severely impact our memberships and industry.
  4. We have developed and provided assessment forms and templates for the upcoming Revised Total Coliform Rule (RTCR) that will assist our industry nationally in complying and taking advantage of RTCR improvements for water utilities.
  5. The Florida Rural Water Associaton provides continued leadership and participation on behalf of FlaWarn and our industry with emergency response efforts. Our representation and participation on behalf of FlaWarn to develop Federal Funds, Business Continuity Plans, and Resource Typing programs/documents helps our industry to be the best prepared and respond quickly.

Our Association’s leadership and efforts related to State Legislative and Regulatory Activities:
  1. FRWA was the lead entity in lobbying for and assuring our State Legislature fund the 20% match yearly to receive the 100% of the Federal SRF funds to support water utility projects.
  2. FRWA is in the lead in advocating all related water issues in our state and has spent over $40,000 this year alone.

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