Financial & Management

Putting together ALL the financial and management services you need in one place – FRWA. Already well known for providing high quality technical assistance and training to member water and wastewater systems, we also provide financial and management assistance as a membership benefit.

Revenue Requirements & Rate Analysis

FRWA’s financial team is expert in providing analysis of revenue requirements and determining whether your utility user rates are adequate to meet operational expenses. We recommend rational and evenhanded rates to spread costs appropriately to customers while encouraging residential and commercial growth.

Cost of Service

A Cost of Service study is a comprehensive evaluation of the true and proposed costs associated with providing drinking water and/or wastewater services to your customers. Cost based rates can only be achieved through a systematic approach to determining cost (now and future).

Water Audits & Infiltration/Inflow

Water Audits provide analysis of water losses and unaccounted-for-water resulting in lost revenues. Infiltration & Inflow Wastewater Studies quantify “clear water” that may enter a sewage collection system under wet weather or wet soil conditions.

Utility Management Training Sessions

Utility Management and Board Training is available at your fingertips from experienced and effective professionals. Whether the sessions are formal or individual, we are always available to help you run your system more effectively and efficiently.

Finance Programs, Grants, Loans, etc.

We help you find dependable sources for grants and loans for your projects - short-term, interim and long-term financing options.

Interim Finance Program

Interim Loans are available for construction projects with USDA-RD long-term financing takeouts or SRF Authorization to Incur Costs Letter

Regulatory Updates and Assistance

FRWA closely monitors and is actively involved with legislative and regulatory activities. We co-sponsor regulatory updates through annual Focus-on-Change Sessions in coordination with the Department of Environmental Protection. FRWA frequently gets involved with clarification and interpretation of rules with DEP District and Local County Health Department offices.

Long Range Planning/Capacity Analysis

FRWA’s team can assist you with the evaluation of remaining treatment capacity as a management tool to address timing of future expansions, regulatory compliance, impact fees, planning, funding, engineering design, permitting and construction.

Utility Operation/Compliance Assistance

We provide assistance with a myriad of operational concerns to help you stay effective:

  • Customer Relations / Services
  • Public Notices / Consumer Confidence Reports
  • Operation & Maintenance Manuals
  • Emergency Response Planning
  • DEP Rule Compliance Issues

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