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FRWA News,
We are all looking forward to the Memorial Weekend, but with each Memorial Day, along with the cookouts and road trips comes June first, the start of Hurricane Season. This date has struck dread in the hearts of many Floridians as we ready for another season of weather watching, preparing, and if we are lucky breathing a sigh of relief that we were spared. If we are not so lucky, there are days of picking up the pieces, making repairs, and living without electricity and clean water.
All predictions point to a year of above average activity. As you can see by the graphic above, we can anticipate 3-6 major hurricanes. However, sometimes the lesser hurricanes do more damage with rainfall and residual winds. This year could be particularly trying with the supply change issue delaying new and needed parts/materials for recovery. The "bailing wire/duct tape" phase may need to last longer.
We at Florida Rural Water are preparing for the worse and hoping for the best. Our warehouse is stocked with different sizes of generators and many other types of emergency equipment so that we can be ready for any type of emergency. We have developed Standard Operating Procedures in case of an emergency, that can be deployed on a moments notice. The office in Tallahassee is set with emergency generators so that we are able to monitor our members needs at all times.
Is your system ready for what may befall them this hurricane season? Have you updated your information on WATER Tracker at Is your Emergency Response Plan up to date? With the start of hurricane season, here are some more suggestions that you may want to consider to be sure that your system is ready for "the storm":
  • Contact Electrician to Check Emergency Generator & Run on Load Bank 
  • Contact Electrician to Check Running Amps on Pumps
  • Make Sure Unnecessary Equipment is Properly Decommissioned
  • Clean, Inspect & Disinfect Aerator/Degassifier Screens, Sprayheads & Gaskets
For more information on the upcoming hurricane season, please refer to the articles below.
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