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Once again Florida was spared the brunt of the storm. On Thursday, August 6, FRWA traveled to Palm Beach County to pick up the equipment that was staged there. Let's just keep our fingers crossed that our luck holds.
Update from the desk of our Executive Director 08.02.20

All looks to be pretty good from 1 pm FlaWarn call for Southeast Florida.  Only one partially operational posting related to the City of West Palm Beach going on generators at Water Plants for precaution and flickering line power.

Hopefully as it moves north and weakens, we don't see any needs and response request.

Update from the desk of our Executive Director 08.01.20  

As of last reports it looks as though the Hurricane impacts will be along the Atlantic coast from Palm Beach County to Duval County. The FlaWarn hope is minimal damage but guess there will be power outages and water utilities needs. Water Tracker has been activated, a Governor Executive Order is out, and an email has been sent to all water utilities in the expected impact counties to report operational status through Water Tracker after storm passage.  So we need to activate our FRWA emergency response SOP and a water response center will be started by DEP tomorrow at noon. You may be asked to help with calls, response, assessment and resource delivery. A semi load of equipment-bypass pumps, generators and trash pumps was delivered-pre staged in West Palm Beach last night. We aren’t  going to pre deploy more equipment at this time as not sure where most impact and need will be. We are also hoping outages won’t be whole systems but small portions that they and other local water utilities can utilize their equipment to address.

We will have smaller systems which will be affected we will need to help. We also hope power companies if not widespread outages will get power back on quickly in affected areas.

Prepping for Isaias

The Florida Rural Water Association is once again in emergency prep mode in anticipation of Hurricane Isaias that may affect the state by the end of the week and early into next week.  The FRWA staff has been busy at the FRWA warehouse prepping equipment and loading it on the FRWA semi to be ready for any emergency which headed south at noon on Friday.  An Executive Order was issued from the Governor's office declaring a State of Emergency. For the complete order, click here.
Isaias is the ninth named storm of 2020.  The storm formed Wednesday over the Caribbean Sea as reported by the National Hurricane Center.  As of this article, Isaias is pounding Puerto Rico with high winds and flash flooding. The storm is forecast to make landfall over southern Dominican Republic before noon Thursday and then reach near Florida over the weekend.  The state could experience heavy rain and strong winds during the next few days, although it is still too early to determine where the storm may hit.

FRWA recommends that you be sure that your Emergency Response plan is up to date.  We suggest that you meet with your employees to review their assigned duties so that your system is prepared in case of an emergency.  For more information on preparing your system for an emergency, click here.

Also, be sure that your information is correct in WATER Tracker by clicking here.  This new system combines FDEP's former StormTracker website and Florida Water/
Wastewater Agency Response Network (FlaWARN) event tracker and gives utilities one portal for all water and wastewater facilities to post status, submit needs and request resources.  WATER Tracker is your best option in case you need of an emergency.  Be sure to watch the videos for more information on the features that are available.  If you need further assistance, it's just a click away at or by calling 800.872.8207.
FRWA is always available for assistance. If you need further information, just give us a call at 800.872.8207.  Stay safe!