FRWA Services

For as long as I can remember, one of the most frequent questions that we are asked is “Exactly what does Florida Rural Water (FRWA) do?” We were originally formed for the benefit of small water and wastewater systems throughout Florida. We now serve all systems, large and small. We are a nonprofit trade association and not a government agency. We are a professional, non-regulatory, and non-governmental agency Association.

Since it’s beginning, FRWA’s primary purpose is to assist water and wastewater systems with every phase of the water and wastewater operations. Our Active members consist of public water and wastewater systems, such as counties, municipalities, associations, districts, mobile home parks, schools, authorities, etc. Our seven board of directors are elected from the membership at our Annual Business Meeting.

That sounds pretty good right? But what you really want to know is “What can FRWA do for me?” In order to keep you informed of all the benefits and services you can receive from FRWA, we decided to write it down in detail. The following links contain a complete list of our services. FRWA services and personnel will not likely be reduced but may be added to from time to time so the old version of services may not include all services. So if you are wondering if FRWA offers a service, you can be sure to find the answer by clicking on the links below: