Grit and Sand Removal Process

The PAT 949 COMBINATION TRUCK can remove sand and grit in deep and/or submerged conditions using the Polston Process.

A POWERFUL TOOL for wastewater treatment and collection systems. Wastewater collection and treatment systems have to manage sand and grit.

Our REVOLUTIONARY equipment is the tool that SAVES TIME and MONEY.

Video Links

PAT 949 cleaning a grit chamber while it remains in operation (view from the top). Sand and grit taken off the bottom while the system operated without interruption.

PAT 949 Operating in Milton, FL cleaning out a grit chamber while it remains in operation (view from ground level). Grit chamber was top elevation almost 20 feet above the ground. Two feet of material under six feet of water. Grit chamber 12 feet by 20 feet in size. The sound has not been modified.

The decant water during our cleaning efforts at Milton, FL. Water and accumulated sand and grit were pushed into our Polston Process, sand stays in the debris tank (paint filter dry) while the water is discharged/decanted (either back to the same structure or in this case to a manhole on-site which recirculates into the plant).